About Us

Shawna Kopchu R.N.

The BartterSite was started by Shawna Kopchu R.N. Shawna gathered all the information, wrote the articles, and created the website. Shawna spent hours and hours to create the site to help other people with Bartter’s and Gitelman’s Syndromes. She did all this while working as an emergency room nurse, as well as being a wife and mother. Currently Shawna is working at a new job and does not have time to be actively involved.

Kathy, your volunteer webmaster

I have been a member of the Yahoo Support Group for a long time, on behalf of my daughter Charlotte. I have always appreciated the hard work Shawna put into the website and support group, and my daughter’s health has benefitted tremendously from the information I got from this website and the Yahoo Support Group. When the domain name was lost, I knew it was a great loss to all the people who really need the information. With Shawna’s approval, I have purchased this domain name, and rebuilt the original website. If you have questions about Bartter’s or Gitelman’s, please join the Yahoo support group and post your question there.

Dr Herbert C. Mansmann M.D.

We lost Dr. Mansmann on September 4, 2007, he passed away at age 83. We will miss him greatly.

Read his obituary

In order to make sure the medical information was complete and correct, Shawna enlisted the assistance of Dr. Herbert C. Mansmann M.D. Dr Mansmann reviewed the articles Shawna wrote, and served as a consultant while the site was being created. His family has allowed, in his memory, his research articles from his web site to be added to this site. View his credentials here.

Dr. Lyn Sutherland

We also had the support and friendship of Dr. Lyn Sutherland who has passed away. Dr Sutherland had a unique perspective on Bartter’s Syndrome because she was on the medical team that treated the first patients diagnosed with Bartter’s. Dr Sutherland created a website to help patients understand the disease, here. Her grandson Toby has created a tribute page to her, she is greatly missed.

This web site is non profit and has no sponsors

The funding for this website comes entirely out of my own pocket. There are no commercial or corporate sponsors. It costs me money and time to publish this website. I receive no payment or financial reward for this project. I added this statement in response to seeing a TV program that pointed out non profits are not required to reveal their sponsors. I am the sponsor myself. I do this because I was helped by this website and I want the information to be available to others to try and reduce suffering.