Bartter Abstracts

Medical journals online will show a summary of medical articles. The summary is called an “abstract”. Sometimes just reading the abstract will tell you enough. Sometimes after reading an abstract you might want to read the full article. Then you can go to a medical library or public library and ask them to obtain the article for you. There are 23 abstracts listed.

Bartter’s Syndrome Comes of Age

New Receptor may help find treatment options
Researcher’s new receptor advances drug discovery process

Newborn treated with indomethacin had normal growth
Neonatal Bartter syndrome – use of indomethacin in the newborn period and prevention of growth failure

One parent and nine childen in the same family all had symptoms
Bartter’s Syndrome in Two Successive Generations of a Saudi Family (Possible Autosomal Dominant Trait?)

Tests determine if it’s Bartter’s or Gitelman’s
Possible discrimination of Gitelman’s syndrome from Bartter’s syndrome by renal clearance study: report of two cases

Magnesium helped reduce potassium loss
Does magnesium play a role in the hypokalemia of Bartter’s syndrome?

Causes and Symptoms of magnesium deficiency
Magnesium deficiency: pathophysiologic and clinical overview

Genetic discussion of Bartter’s and deafness
Bartter syndrome with sensorineural deafness: molecular genetics

Genetic discussion of Bartter’s and Gitelman’s
The molecular basis of inherited hypokalemic alkalosis: Bartter’s and Gitelman’s syndromes.

Mutation linked to Bartter’s
A mutation linked with Bartter’s syndrome locks Kir 1.1a (ROMK1) channels in a closed state.

Bartter’s can be detected in your unborn child
Biochemical examination of mother’s urine is useful for prenatal diagnosis of Bartter syndrome.

Use of Catopril and Indomethacin in a newborn with Bartter’s
A case of neonatal Bartter’s syndrome, Wong, Hulton, Taylor, Raafat, Lote, Lindop

All 3 types are discussed, Bartter’s, Antenatal, and Gitelman’s
Bartter’s syndromes

Protein in urine is altered by Bartter’s
Composition of the sugar moiety of Tamm-Horsfall protein in patients with urinary diseases

Salt wasting syndrome is probably Bartter’s or Gitelman’s
Cerebral salt-wasting syndrome. We need better proof of its existence.

IV Administration of potassium needed for surgery
Anesthetic management of a patient with Bartter’s syndrome

Prenatal diagnosis and prenatal indomethacin therapy beneficial
Prenatal and postnatal management of hyperprostaglandin E syndrome after genetic diagnosis from amniocytes.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) can cause kidney damage, sometimes irreversable
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-associated nephrotoxicity in Bartter syndrome.

Genetic mutation studies increased understanding of the kidney and formation of kidney stones and nephrocalcinosis
The role of renal chloride channel mutations in kidney stone disease and nephrocalcinosis.

The 3 types are discussed, Bartter’s, Antenatal, and Gitelman’s
Bartter and related syndromes: the puzzle is almost solved.

6 year old boy thought to have Antenatal Bartter’s now free of symptoms
Neonatal Bartter syndrome: spontaneous resolution of all signs and symptoms.

Potassium balance study
Hypokalemia and the pathology of ion transport molecules

Newborn suffered low potassium because mother did not take her potassium supplement during pregnancy
Transient hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis in a newborn mimicking Bartter’s syndrome

Genetic defect identified in Antanatal Bartter’s
ROMK1 Gene Causes Antenatal Bartter Syndrome

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