Growth Hormone

Short stature and growth failure are common in Bartter’s Syndrome. In subjects with growth hormone deficiency, giving exogenous growth hormone increases the rate of growth and helps subjects attain normal height.

Although now well studied, there is at least one report of low GH levels in a subject with Gitelman’s Syndrome, who was below the 3rd percentile for height, whose growth rate improved 4-fold during growth hormone treatment.

Drug Name rhGH(recombinant human growth hormone) or somatropin.
Pediatric Dose Dose depends on brand used:
Nutropin (Genentech) – up to 0.3mg/kg SC per week
Serostim (Serono)- 0.1mg/kg SC daily
Humatrope (Lilly) – 0.18mg/kg SC per week in 3 or 6 divided doses.
Pregnancy X-Contraindicated in pregnancy
Adverse Reactions Headache, weakness, mild transient edema, leukemia, mild hyperglycemia, hypothyroidism, injection site pain, localized muscle pain, antibodies to GH.
Contraindications Contraindicated in patients with closed epiphyses or an active underlying intracranial lesion. Humatrope should not be reconstituted with the supplied dilutent for patients with a known sensitivity to either m-creosol or glycerin.
Interactions Corticosteroids, corticotropin – long term use inhibits growth response to growth hormone.
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