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1: Ann Emerg Med 1984 Jul;13(7):562-6

Magnesium therapy in massive digoxin intoxication

French JH, Thomas RG, Siskind AP, Brodsky M, Iseri LT

A potentially fatal case of massive digitalis intoxication is presented. Recurrent ventricular fibrillation failed to respond to lidocaine or phenytoin, but responded dramatically to magnesium sulfate infusion. A review of the literature and previous clinical studies, as well as the case reported here, appears to indicate that magnesium sulfate given intravenously in adequate quantities (2 to 3 g in one minute followed by 2 g/h for 4 to 5 h) is effective in controlling ventricular irritability caused by toxic levels of digitalis preparations.

PMID: 6742564, UI: 84254761