Magnesium in the Brain, MS Patients


Magnesium (Mg) concentrations were studied in the brains of 4 patients with definite multiple sclerosis (MS) and 5 controls. The magnesium contents were determined by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry in autopsy samples taken from 26 sites of central nervous system tissues, and visceral organs such as liver, spleen, kidney, heart and lung.

The average Mg content in the CNS tissues, as well as visceral organs except for spleen, of MS patients showed a significantly lower value than that seen in control cases. The most marked reduction of Mg content was observed in CNS white matter including demyelinated plaques of MS samples. Whether or not these significantly lower Mg contents found in CNS and visceral organs of MS patients may play an essential role in the demyelinating process remain unclear, requiring further studies on MS pathogenesis from the point of metal metabolism.

Yasui M – Acta Neurol Scand – 1990 Mar; 81(3): 197-200 From NIH/NLM MEDLINE
NLM Citation ID: 90281841
Full Source Title: Acta Neurologica Scandinavica
Publication Type: Journal Article
Language: English
Author Affiliation: Division of Neurological Diseases, Wakayama Medical College, Japan.
Authors: Yasui M; Yase Y; Ando K; Adachi K; Mukoyama M; Ohsugi K

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