Sample Doctor Letter

Many patients have had great difficulty obtaining appropriate treatment in emergency situations. Hospital emergency rooms staff are usually not familiar with Bartter’s or Gitelman’s Syndromes. Patients are often given inadequate treatment through a combination of lack of familiarity with these rare conditions and disbelief when patients try to describe their condition and how it should be treated.

This is a sample letter you could ask your regular treating doctor to complete for you. Then if you must go in for emergency care you can show the letter to the emergency room staff. Of course the letter should be typed on the doctors stationary.

The text of the letter is below, or you can use a word document copy. Click here

Date ___________

Dear Emergency Worker

My patient _________________ has a rare kidney disorder called (Bartter’s or Gitelman’s) Syndrome. This is a renal wasting disorder that frequently causes the patient to have hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, and metabolic alkalosis. Dehydration is a common problem. There is not one specific treatment to help these patients treatment is to replace the lost minerals, electrolytes and fluid and try to decrease the renal wasting by giving potassium sparing diuretics, ace inhibitors, prostaglandin inhibitors and Cox 2 inhibitors. Lab tests are good for an initial diagnosis of this disorder, but is not a reliable source for adequate future treatments. Many patients with this disorder will feel ok and have severe abnormalities in their labwork, whereas others are very symptomatic and have normal labs. Therefore the patient should be treated primarily based on symptoms and not labwork.

If my patient ____________________ presents to your Emergency Facility with symptoms such as ________________________, ______________________, and ___________________.

Please treat with ________________________for pain and ______________________ , _____________________________, _____________________________
for replacement of the mineral and electrolyte imbalance.

Current medications are;

Past Medical History is ________________________________________________________________________

Allergies are ____________________________________________________________________________

On arrival get a stat EKG; Chemistry panel with Mg, Ca, and P; and monitor prior to and during IV replacement of K and Mg. Admit to telemetry bed under my service if K is <___, or Mg is <____. Discharge if K is >____, or Mg is >____ after an infusion of ___________ over ______ hours.


Dr. Name _________________________________
Office Street Address _________________________________
City ST _________________________________
Office Phone _________________________________
Emergency Phone _________________________________


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