Support Group Rules

Like most groups, we found the need for a few rules. :)

  1. Share experiences and learn from one another

  2. Send out a letter of introduction when you join – we would all like to know who is reading our posts and why. This does not mean you have a required number of posts to do to remain a member. Its just nice to know who is part of the group.

  3. Provide support to other members when they need it if you can.

  4. Do NOT be judgmental. This group is for support and not to criticize or hurt another persons feelings. What may seem to be trivial to you, may be a crises for the person posting, and this is what this group is about – FOR SUPPORT! We all agree that their are varying degrees of this illness. Therefore, members going through a rough patch should not be made to feel like they are crybabies or looking for attention….this is not a contest to see who is the sickest. Try to be understanding and if you don’t have something nice to say – don’t say it at all. Not all posts require a response or an opinion.

  5. Because it is difficult to gauge emotional intensity on the screen, and we all have different writing styles, please give others the benefit of the doubt and ask for clarification before reacting negatively to any post. On the net, assumptions can be faulty.

  6. Please refrain from sending forwarded emails, chain letters, jokes, or any other material that is unrelated to this group. YES it is ok to discuss the stress in your everyday life – even if it is not a Bartter or Gitelman related topic. This helps many of us cope. But do refrain from sending the letter that will explode if it is not sent to 50 of your friends!

  7. Please get permission from other members before adding them to your mailing list. I would like to add that when you sign up I will guarantee that you will never receive spam mail from me, or any of the other group members. If you do start to receive unwanted emails from another member – please let one of the Egroup moderators know.

  8. Controversial discussions, debates and even differences of opinions are acceptable in the Banana Bunch Egroup. What is not acceptable is name calling, harassing another member, use of offensive language, bigotry, talking about another member in a negative way.

  9. The member list and names are kept private and cannot be viewed by other members. The member list can only be viewed by the owner and moderator of the forum and this is to assure everyone that their email addresses will remain private and will not be given out to others for the purpose of spam emails. When a member posts their email address does show up. Please respect their privacy and do not add the member to your email list unless you ask their permission first.

  10. The BB egroup list is an unmoderated list. If a situation arises where one member insults another, we have the right to remove the offending member if they fail to honor the rules.

  11. Posts of a commercial sales nature are not permitted.

  12. Do not use this egroup as a means of getting email addresses and phone numbers. The founders of this egroup worked very very hard to make this group a success. We were lucky in the beginning if we got one email a day. But we were persistent and I remember a time where Kathy and I would email each other back and forth and just hope we hit on a topic that would spark interest. I understand that we all have the illness and do not feel well all of the time. But this group would dissipate if its members used this list to get the names and numbers of people who live close to them, and then just emailed them privately or called them. This does not mean you cannot make close friends. We just want you to keep the discussions fresh and alive. If everyone came in and found a few friends and never posted this egroup would very quickly disappear. What one person might think is unimportant, might be the answer that another person was looking for.

  13. This is a private egroup – which means that only members can view its contents, emails, and archived messages. Anyone found forwarding our posts to people who are not members will be immediately banned from this group. We work very hard to keep this group cohesive and ensure to all its members that the group is safe, friendly, supportive and somewhat private. If any member is banned it is for a good reason and is done after a careful decision from the owner or moderator. Forwarding our group emails to a nonmember or banned member defeats the purpose of having a private egroup.

  14. This is not a free speech forum. The right to free speech is a right to speak as you wish in a public setting. The group is a privately owned group with a specific purpose. It is not a public setting. That being said, it is the intent to promote friendship and discussion among the members, always with our common intesest in mind.

  15. The moderators of this group have the right to ban any member who does not follow the rules we have set forth. In the two years that this site has been online there have only been 2 members who were banned and these two were working together to wreak havoc on the forum. This is also why we had to come up with a list of rules. Basically we are just asking everyone to think before you post, be adults, be sensitive, and remember that not everyone has the same beliefs or cultural background and this is OK. If you have any problems with anyone on the forum, please contact the moderator and we will try to work the problem out without posting it on the forum.

Shawna Kopchu RN, Director of the and Barttersite Egroup Owner

Kathy, Mother of Charlotte (Bartters Syndrome) and Barttersite Egroup Moderator

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