Support Groups

We have a support group for Bartter and Gitelman patients and their caregivers. As of June 2008 we have over 570 members in the group. I remember when I joined, I was the 11th member!I

I strongly encourage you to join the group. You can choose to get the messages sent to you as emails, or you can choose the read the messages online. Several people have become friends and use the group for encouragement of each other. However the messages usually have something to do with symptoms or treatments.The group is a wonderful way to learn more about Bartter’s and Gitelman’s. In the group you can ask questions and get answers about details you doctor won’t bother with or maybe doesn’t even know the answers to.

There are members from all over the world in our group. We have people in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. That’s probably not everyone. Let me know if I left you out!

It’s a Yahoo Group, so you need a Yahoo ID to sign up. Please read the Support Group rules.

Click here to join barttersyndrome


Click to join the Bartter Syndrome Support Group

And there’s a Facebook Group,  Fighting Bartter’s Syndrome

Habla Espanol? If your native language is Spanish, you may find this support group helps you.
Spanish speaking support group

Do you speak Italian? There’s a Facebook group for that.
Sindrome di Bartter , gruppo Italia